The Celebration Farm

4696 Robin Woods Lane NE - Iowa City, IA 52240 | | 319-631-8116


Site Plan

map showing site plan  -  timber frame barn on the left,  double round barn on the right, and the ampitheatre in between

The Celebration Farm™ consists of two unique and breathtaking barns and a shared amphitheater. We have ample paved parking for you and your guests. We allow you to choose whomever you want for a caterer, and you can bring in your own beverages with no additional or hidden costs.  

The concept was the natural evolution of Dick Schwab's love of barns and particularly round barns. His Celebration Barn provided the initial ideas and the inspiration for this project. The Celebration Farm™ venue was initially modeled around a turn of the century farmstead. As it developed, it became two distinct event venues, both in style and character. The end product, both in design, scope, and operational style, provides a unique and very different experience. The Celebration Farm™ venue is indeed the next generation!

The site was originally wooded land, and we have kept it as natural as possible. One of the main focuses of this project is to be "green." Another is to buy local. The wood that was used to build both of our barns was purchased from sources within a 20-mile radius of the barns, or was used in another capacity at one time and has been repurposed.  Both of our dance floors were originally laid in the early 1900's in the Solon High School gymnasium. We salvaged and re-purposed it to be our beautiful and inviting dance floors.

Each of our barns is exciting, intricate, and heart warming in its own way. For more information, please select a barn by highlighting its name with your cursor on the menu above, or directly on the site plan.

Timber Frame Barn

several photos of the timber frame barn

The Timber Frame barn is smaller in size, with a more traditional shape and rustic feel. When you walk into this barn you can appreciate the symmetry and craftsmanship, as well as the intimate feel.

Double Round Barn

photos of the double round barn

The Double Round barn is grand on every level. From the 8 foot fireplace to the handmade chandeliers that look like stars in the sky, this barn is sure to "WOW" every one of your guests. The non-traditional oval shape, along with the 11 species of wood and scent of cedar, help to make this barn a mesmerizing place to be.


photos of the outdoor amphitheater

This is the perfect place for a wedding ceremony and so much more.